Blink: Reading Guide – Chapter Three


1. The Warren Harding error reveals the dark-side of ‘thin-slicing’–when our instincts betray us and our rapid cognition goes awry. Looking at the example of that 1920 presidency, here can we say that this type of error is happening today in political elections? Do you think this explains why there has never been a black or female president?

2. The Implicit Association Test (IAT) shows that our unconscious attitudes may be utterly incompatible with our stated conscious values. So like car salesmen who unconsciously discriminate against certain groups of potential customers or businesses that appear to favor tall men for CEOs, view  do you find it plausible that we are not accountable for these actions because they are a result of social influences as opposed to personal beliefs?

3. Do you buy the argument that we are completely oblivious to our unconsciously motivated behavior (like the disturbing IAT results that show 80% of test-takers have pro-white associations?) Is this just a convenient excuse to justify our biases?